Just a sound soo low that is hardly heard

A whisper close to you that makes you shiver

That gentle touch of my breath at youre neck.

In front of me you kneel not by force

You kneel of free will from the words whipered to you.Building that feeling in youre mind and soul.

That sets you free.

Free of choise to give youre self to me or walk away.

No hand no touch just intelligens and word said with confidence. They make you weak and wet and builds a desire within youre mind.Craving and begging for my hands to lift youre cheek

To see deep in youre eyes

Whispering You Are MineYou are mine to please if you chose me to care for you

Words that lifts you.That makes you feel even more.

Sitting there dripping with desire waiting for me to calm that fire inside you.

KingRichardDs M44
2020-11-06 00:56

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